Viscometer Set

Device Description

The Xell Viscometer Set consists of viscometer stand with shaker, sample bottles, thermostatic bath with heating and cooling functions, stand with holder for the glass viscometer and sucking tool tubing and stop watch.


Test Description

A CED solution is prepared with help of the shaker as described in the standard ISO 5351. The plastic bottles with the ready solution inside are ready for testing, please ensure, that the thermostatic bath is exact on 25° C. Take one of the bottles and suck the solution into the glass viscometer tube with help of the sucking tool. Measure the time with help of the stop watch which is necessary to rinse the solution from the top point to the bottom point of the capillary tube and calculate the value


– Thermostatic water bath with heating and cooling possibility
– Stand with holder for glass viscometer
– Shaker with 30 bottles
– Calibration tube
– Dispensing bottles, duran beakers, pipettes
– Timer



Article code Model
10.903.100Viscometer Test Stand, manual


For measuring the viscosity of fluids.

Product code:
ISO 5351
Electricity: 110 – 230 V 50/60 Hz AC



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