Universal Micrometer

Device Description

The universal micrometer consists of a sturdy frame that ensures an exact positioning of the measurement pin on the paper. It is equipped with a touch screen to control the device. The lifting and lowering of the pin is motor driven. There are various pins available to fulfill the different standards for tissue, paper and board.

Test Description

The sample is placed underneath the measuring pin. The measurement is started by pushing the start button on the touch screen. The pin lowers onto the sample and the thickness is measured after the pin has settled. The thickness of the sample is shown on the touch screen with a resolution of 1 μm. The device can be set to single or multi testing. Multi testing lowers the pin several times onto the sample. Between the test cycles the sample can be moved. The device calculates all the statistics (mean, min, max, standard deviation, etc.) and displays them on the screen.


– Touch screen
– Motor driven measuring pin
– Lowering speed adjustable 1-11 mm/sec
– Various pins and weights for tissue, paper and board
– Statistics for multi measurements


– Universal Micrometer with 2 cm² pin and 2 kg weight
– Connection cable
– User manual


Article code Model
11.204.025Universal Micrometer


For measuring thickness of tissue, paper and board.

Product code:
ISO 534, TAPPI T 411, SCAN P7, DIN 53105
Electricity: 110 - 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Air: 600 kPa



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