Sheet Former »Tappi« manual

Device Description

The Sheet Former is intended for installation into a laboratory bench (not included). The individual stages are carried out by moving hand levers. Swirling is done with an agitator with peforated bottom plate and the couching is done with the 10 kg stainless steel roller (both included int the delivery). Additionally ten mirror polished plates and trying rings are included in the delivery for drying. All parts are constructed of corosion resistant material.


Test Description

By opening the hand valve, the former column is half filled with water and the suspension, which has been prepared in the disintegrator and equalizer is added. Then the former column gets filled up to the till the mark is reached. The agitator is used to swirl the content of the column. Once the setteling phase has ended, the second hand lever gets moved to open the drainage valve and the water gets drained through the forming screen. The freshly formed hand-sheet remains on the screen. The fromer column can then be opened and two plotting papers get placed on top of the wet hand-sheet. With the stainless steel roller, the sheet gets couched and can then carefully be removed from the screen and further processed with the sheet press, the drying rings or the speed dryer.



– Highest quality and manufacturing
– Only corrosion resistant materials
– Easy to operate
– Gravitational dewatering



– Sheet former manual
– 10 mirror-polished plates
– 10 drying rings
– Stirrer
– 10 kg stainless steel couching roll
– Blotters

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For the production of standardized hand sheets.

Product code:
TAPPI T 205, ISO 5269-1, SCAN C26
Water: Supply of 200 kPa, drainage



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