Novilog Paper Laboratory Software

Software for the Paper Laboratory

NOVILOG is a software for the control of all your laboratory measurements.

It can control the values from one single unit up to 10 units. The software collects the data and always reports in the same form. You can start with one instrument and add more instruments at later stage.

NOVILOG can do many calculations based on your measurements.

NOVILOG can store results in a powerful database using an intelligent classification and a quick search modu^s.

NOVILOG has statistical functionality and you can export  results and print them.

NOVILOG CLIENT allows you to connect different devices to one computer. It uses the RS232 port, Ethernet or USB. Test results of instruments without interface can be entered manually.

NOVILOG CLIENT SERVER allows you to build a network for your laboratory with quality control and production features.

Data Handling and Storage acc. to ISO

  • The data storage and handling allow the traceability according to ISO.
  • All measurements are stored and all calculations can be done days or months later.
  • Normally the calculations are done automatically in REAL TIME during
    the measurements.

Quality and Production Control and Statistics

  • The software allows for real time processing of the measured values.
  • Providing that a network access to the factory is given the data can be transferred und used for the paper machine control.

Data Export

  • You can export all the results in many different formats and edit comprehensive reports.
  • You can customise reports by adding the customer’s logo and a lot of other options.

Trend Analyses

  • You can compare, export or display each curve.
  • Limit selection and dot selection are possible for calculation.

Open System

  • Adjustment of testing parameters on global measuring profile and measuring level.
  • Compatible to Windows XP / 2003 / 7 … etc. operating systems
  • EXPORT TO MICROSOFT EXCEL (optionally also as CSV, XML or other database formats).
  • Client Server Application

Data Acquisition

  • Automatical acquisition of measured values via RS232 interface
  • Simultaneous parallel connection of several testing instruments
  • Based on HYPERFILE-SQL technology.
  • Hyperfile-SQL server database for storage of measured data.
  • Manual input of data via keyboard

Graphic Analyses

  • Selection of measured values to be displayed or printed
  • Graphic analyses with tolerance limit, quality control
  • Connection Type

Multi Connections

  • Table of tolerance levels (LOW / SET-POINT / HIGH)
  • Quality control analyses on several screens
  • Trends: Graphical display of test results
  • Histogram, curve of measurement
  • Curve of average measurement for all tests
  • Comparison of curves
  • Simultaneous connection of testing instruments
  • Data saved in the database

Connection of other Instruments

  • Lorentzen and Wettre, Technidyne, Messmer-Büchel, Kern, Sartorius, … are stored in the database as standards.
  • Optional: drivers for unknown instruments at Novilog for extra charge
  • User Level Authorization
  • Different access level for different persons (Supervisor, Operator, Lab Staff, …)


  • Display of measured results
  • Display of single and cumulated measured results (e. g. hour)
  • Via serial interface RS 232 or via USB converter
  • Curve comparison


a software to controll all your laboratory measurements with up to 10 devices connected.



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