New! The Xell ECT Sample Saw

The Xell ECT Sample Saw

Most reliable specimens for ECT Tests

The Xell ECT Sample Saw is designed for very exact cutting of specimens for the ECT test with a crush tester (acc. DIN EN ISO 3037 or TAPPI T 811). Research results indicate, that the same sample of 100 mm width cut with a »Billerud« cutter gives a lower value on the crush tester. Specimens produced with the double blade Xell ECT Sample Saw result in higher values. With all parameters equal—same cardboard, same crush tester, same humidity—the only difference is the sample preparation.

The sample saw has a holder for the sample (100 mm ± 1 mm width) and this sample is held down with an POM block, which can be lifted so as to put another sample into the sample holder.

There are two diamond high speed cutting blades, which are moving from right to left inside the instrument. They can cut samples with a maximum height of 25 mm. The specimen falls onto the specimen tray and as soon as the saw blades are back in their starting position, the sample can be easily and undangerously taken out. On the back side there is a power outlet for the vacuum cleaner, that sucks the saw dust away during sawing.

Xell ECT Sample Saw vs. Billerud-Cutter

With all the parameters equal and only the specimen preparation done differently with the Xell ECT Sample Saw the EC Test will—depending on sample height—give 10—20% higher values than with samples cut by different sample cutters.


The Xell ECT Sample Saw is designed for very exact cutting of specimens for the ECT test.

Product code:
Electricity: 1-phase, 233V, 10A, 50Hz
Air: 0,6mm Ø; 0,4kPa



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