Internal Bond Tester

Device Description

This device comes with a built in digital display and is microprocessor controlled. The standard configuration is delivered with a medium range pendulum. All the parts are built into a sturdy steel frame. A pendulum mechanism pulls the pendulum back to starting position, if the test is carried out. Push down sample holder for quick changing of the base plate with the sample and the aluminum angle.

Test Description

The sample that needs testing is placed in the measuring area. By pushing of the start button the pendulum is released and hit the aluminum angle, which is glued on the sample with double adhesive tape. The sample is pushed away and the needed energy is measured and displayed in J/m².


– Digital display, microprocessor controlled
– Automatic pendulum return to starting position
– Easy inserting of the sample base with quick changing mechanism
– 5 support base and 5 aluminum angles as standard delivery
– Display of values selectable in J/m², kg/cm,²


– Internal Bond Tester
– User manual


Article code Model
11.201.100Internal Bond Tester
11.201.200Manual Sample Preparation Station
11.201.300Automatic Sample Preparation Station


For the determination of internal bonding force of paper.

Product code:
TAPPI T 569, TAPPI T 833
Electricity: 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Air: 600 kPa



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