Increasing the smartness of quality

Intelligent Workflows—Software Based

Paper Laboratory User Experience

Intelligent Paper Laboratory Workflows sotware based

Never before have user experience and interactive technology played such an important role in shaping traditional working environments as today. Xell does not simply strive to integrate existing smart products into the laboratory workflow, we aim to make them even smarter, clearer and more accurate than ever before. The idea behind this concept is to change user habits and create more mobility, including feature-driven development of testing equipment. In an environment of constantly advancing smart ecosystems – operators, interactivity and compatibility are the three driving factors that influence the enhancement of our products. Including these requirements in laboratories means that we are reshaping our understanding of the future. Our specialists work hard on making Xell’s products increasingly easy to use and making the testing workflow even smarter and enjoyable.

Developing ever more accurate tests, obtaining information about changing testing environments and integrating this change into the daily workflow of engineers is at the core of our company. To determine which kinds of devices will match increasingly complex paper products, we have to look to the next 10 years. To us, embracing change with the necessary skills and expertise means embracing a successful future.