Horizontal Tensile Machine

Device Description

This sturdy machine is easy to operate due to its touch screen and the clear control buttons. Its software has many pre-installed tasks like standard 100 mm tensile test for 15 mm stripes or the wet tensile test with 50 mm stripes for tissue. It comes with one load cell of 500 N. The pneumatic driven clamps have an automatic sample detection or can be started manually by a start button directly on the clamp holder. This is useful if transparent samples should be tested. The maximum distance between the clamps is 300 mm. It has a RS 232 interface and a USB connector for maintenance works and printer connection. The device comes with different sample supports like wet paper basket or a sample support for 180 or 100 mm tensile tests. The test speed is adjustable between 0.2 and 330 mm/min.

Test Description

The user chooses the test to be performed on the touch screen. The clamps automatically drive into position. Now the sample support is placed into the space between the clamps and the sample is placed. The sample is automatically detected and the clamps close. According the test the sample is either watered for the pre-set time, pulled out of the water and stretched till it breaks or it is directly stretched. The figures, curves, statistics with max, min, mean as well as the standard deviation are shown on the touch screen and can be printed. The clamps automatically open and return into start position after testing.

The software comes with the pre-installed tests as they are described in the standards. Company specific tests can be set as well. All the parameters like testing speed, testing length, breaking- and pre-load levels can be adjusted individually. The software can be set into different languages.




– Easy to operate due to touchscreen controls
– Sample width: 15, 25 or 50 mm (selectable)
– Sample length 50 mm, 100 mm or 180 mm
– Different load cells available: Paper (500 N), optional for Tissue (150 N), Board (1000 N)
– Suitable for Tissue (150 N), Paper (500 N) or Board (1000 N) samples
– Automatic sample detection, clamping and start after clamping the sample
– Automatic return to starting position after sample break
– Pneumatic clamps with standardized clamping surfaces


– Horizontal Tensile Machine with 500 N standard load cell
– Adapters and supports for 15 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm samples
– Wet basket for wet tensile tests
– Calibration tool
– Calibration paper standards in the range of 100 N, 200 N, 300 N (each 20 pcs)
– User manual


Article code Model
11.207.150Horizontal Tensile Machine

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For the determination of different parameters in paper or tissue.

Product code:
ISO 1924-1, ISO 1924-2, ISO 1924-3, TAPPI T 456, TAPPI T 494, etc.
Electricity: 110 - 230 / V 50 - 60 Hz
Air: Air: 600 kPa



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