Laboratory Flotation Cell – Type »Voith«

Flotation Cell

Device Description

The Xell laboratory flotation cell consists of an acrylic glass vessel for 25 liter suspension with 300 mm diameter and a drainage pipe. On top of the vessel there is an automatic foam removal system, driven by a motor with magnetic coupling. On the bottom of the tank there is a self-suction aeration rotor. The air for the aeration rotor is regulated via an air flow meter. The air is guided with help of a baffle plate.



– Highest quality and manufacturing
– 25 liter cell volume
– Speed of foam paddle: 10 revolutions per minute
– For applications up to 2% stock consistency
– Self-suction aerating rotor
– Automatic foam removal
– High reproducibility



– Laboratory Flotation Cell
– Cover for the foam outlet
– Connection cable
– Manual
– 1 set spare parts included: Air flow meter, pressure regulator, magnetic switch, magnetic coupled impeller



To remove floatable contaminants, such as printing inks from pulp.

Product code:
Electricity: 110 V - 230 V / 50-60 Hz AC
Water: Drainage with 50 mm tube



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