Fibre Classifier »Bauer McNett«

Device Description

Depending on the individual set up of the device the fiber classifier holds up to five containers on the front side mounted in different heights. The device is entirely made of stainless steel. The exchangeable screens are held by specially engineered screen holders with quick release for easy insertion and removal of the screens. Each unit is equipped with an agitator and an overflow that leads the suspension to the next container. The built-in timer provides individually settable classification times. The flow of water is regulated according to the standard being applied. The device can easily be rinsed due to the integrated water hose.

Test Description

At first, insert the screens considering the right order. The widest-meshed screen shall be inserted in the uppermost container while the finest-meshed screen needs to be inserted into the lowest container. Insert the paper filter into the suction housing. By pressing the filling button the containers will be filled with water automatically. As soon as the lowest container is filled up with water the suspension needs to be added to the highest container. Pressing the start button will hence initiate the separating process. After the set time, the water flow and agitators will stop automatically. Afterwards, start the drainage pump, lift the container plugs and open the drainage valves in order to collect all the separated pulp of each container in the paper filter. During rinsing the containers manually the remaining fibers will be flushed to the filters. Stop the drainage pump, close the plugs and valves of each container and extract the collected fiber. It is now ready for further tests.




– Highest quality and manufacturing
– Entirely made of stainless steel and corrosion-free materials
– Quick release for filters and screens for easy replacement
– Built-in water hose for rinsing and cleaning
– High quality suction pump and agitation devices
– Convenient operating due to fully automated classifying procedure



– Fibre Classifier Bauer McNett
– Set of screens



Article code Model
10.503.300Fibre Classifier »Bauer McNett« with 3 fractionator units
10.503.400Fibre Classifier »Bauer McNett« with 4 fractionator units
10.503.450Fibre Classifier »Bauer McNett« with 4 fractionator units
and integrated Somerville Shive Analyzer
10.503.500Fibre Classifier »Bauer McNett« with 5 fractionator units


For the determination of fibre length of pulp by classification.

Product code:
Electricity: 110 - 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Water: 200 kPa



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