Crush Tester

Device Description

The Crush Tester consists of a robust case with workspace fitted on top. The upper platen is fixed at the end of the workspace, the lower platen is driven by a spindle.

Test Description

The sample is placed between the platens, with or without sample holder depending on test procedure, and the corresponding test program is selected from the touchscreen. The platens are moved to the correct start position at the push of a button. Pushing the start button compresses the sample with the platens at the preset speed. On reaching the preset test criteria measuring stops and the platens automatically travel back to the start position. The test result values appear on the display.


– To carry out RCT-, CMT- and ECT tests
– Operation by touch screen
– Robust construction with one central spindle
– Permanently mounted pressure platens
– Testing force up to 5000 N
– Testing speed up to 200 mm/min adjustable
– Automatic plate returning after test


– Crush Tester
– Electrical connection cable
– User manual


Article code Model
12.201.100Crush Tester


For the determination of pressure resistance of board.

Product code:
ISO 3035, ISO 3037, TAPPI T 808, TAPPI T 809, TAPPI T 811, TAPPI T 818, TAPPI T 821, TAPPI T 825, TAPPI T 839
Electricity: 230 V 50 Hz



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