Chip Classifier


Device Description

The Chip Classifier is made from a sturdy heavy metal base, with motor and control panel and integrated timer. A sieve set is mounted onto a moveable base plate, which is driven by a strong motor. The single trays are added together one on top of the other and clamped together with a quick clamping device.

Place the weighed sample (approx. 8 – 10 l) with help of a basket into the top tray. Switch on the motor. The set of trays is moved backwards and forwards for the set time (20 min) and automatically stopped after this time. Then the single pads are weighed and registered the weight of the single tray content.


Sieve Set according SCAN CM 40-01

– Highest quality and manufacturing
– 45 mm round holes
– 8 mm bar sieve
– 13 mm round hole
– 7 mm round hole
– 3 mm round hole
– Dust tray



– Chip Classifier with sieve set acc. SCAN
– Operation manual



For determination of wood chips into classes.

Product code:
SCAN-CM 40:01
Electricity: 230V / 50 - 60 Hz



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