Burst Tester

Device Description

This device is delivered with a built in touch-screen and is controlled by an industrial computer. All parts are built into a sturdy aluminum frame. The device is equipped with 1 measuring head for bottom measurement of the bursting strength. Measuring range up to 5000 kPa with an accuracy of +/-1% of the displayed value. Clamping force for the sample holder is adjustable between 1000 N and 7500 N. Maximum sample height is 12 mm. Display of burst value as also BEA (Burst Energy Absorption). Automatic test cycle with break detection and after break automatic return to starting position.

Test Description

The sample to be tested is placed in the measuring area. By pushing the start button on the touch screen first the acrylic glass protection cover and then the clamping bell lowers and fixes the sample. Glycerin under the membrane is compressed and the membrane is pressed against the sample. When the sample breaks, the hydraulic cylinder stops and returns to starting position. The protection cover and the clamping are opened automatically. The maximum pressure is shown on the display as breaking force. The next sample can be tested.


– Highest quality materials and manufacturing
– Flow rate of glycerin acc. ISO 2758: 170 ± 5 ml
– Pneumatic clamping force adjustable between 1000 and 7500 N
– Safety cover lowers before the clamping bell gets down
– Measuring range up to 5000 N with accuracy of ± 1 % of the displayed value
– Touch screen operation


– Burst Tester
– 5 extra diaphragm
– Spare glycerol 200 ml
– Funnel for refilling the hydraulic system
– Bulge height control plate
– PC-connection cable
– PC program for changing settings and store the calibration values on an external PC
– 10 aluminum testing foils are delivered as standard


Article code Model
11.204.050Burst Tester for paper
11.204.080Burst Tester for board


For measuring the bursting strength acc. the Mullen method.

Product code:
ISO 2758, TAPPI T 403, TAPPI T 807, PAPTAC D19P, CAN P24, SCAN P25, etc.
Electricity: 110 - 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Air: 600 kPa



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