Box Compression Tester

Device Description

The Box Compression Tester is a robust base frame in which the two platens are mounted. The lower platen is fixed, while the upper platen can be used as either fixed or rotatable, as required, by opening or closing the four fixing levers. Three sensores are mounted below the fixed platen to measure the force exerted and detect the box breaking. Settable limit switches and the digital display and controls are mounted on the front of the unit.

Test Description

A box, with or without content, is placed in the center of the lower platen. The controls are then used to set the parameters for the test, and then the start button is pressed. The upper platen travels downwards at the preset speed. Measuring starts as soon as the upper platen touches the box, and automatically stops as soon as a break is detected, or the preset compression time has elapsed under constant exertion of force. Once measurement has stopped, the upper platen travels back to the start position. The measured values can be read from the digital display.


– Adjustable limit switch
– Testing speed up to 400 mm/min
– Three force sensors
– Automatic stop after break detection or expiration of the preset pressure time
– Automatic plate return after test
– Digital display and controls


– Box Compression Tester
– Electrical connection cable
– User manual


Various load cells & sizes available.


For carrying out compression tests on packing boxes.

Product code:
ISO 12048, TAPPI T 804
Electricity: 110 – 230 V 50/60 Hz AC



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