About Us


Xell GmbH –  your provider for high class, innovative paper laboratory equipment – has been founded by Jakob Silbermayr in 2012. We are a new startup company – developing, manufacturing and trading laboratory testing instruments for paper, board, tissue, and pulp. Our key goals are to offer highest quality standards and to build customer satisfaction. We provide both expertise and service for our clients.

Xell has recruited the most capable talents on the market. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in developing and manufacturing pulp and paper testing instruments. Our software engineering team creates interfaces that bridge the gap between convenience and technical possibilities.

Our mission is to design and develop devices that exceed expectations of preciseness and usability. Our instruments all adhere to international standards. We test our products with great detail and have a strict internal quality control policy. This is to ensure that the tiniest bolt as well as the assembled machine are thoroughly tested.

Our manufacturers use the latest and the best tools available and build devices with great precision. Our instruments comprise both premium hardware and first-rate software. Quality can only be measured with quality.