Pneumatic Sample Punch “A4”

Device Description

Sturdy floor mounted punch, designed to punch Din A4 size samples through pneumatic operation. A top working tool in A4 format is pushed through a dye. By punching the top tool through the base, the samples are cut. After punching, the samples fall into the tray and can easily be collected. Security protection switches an the acrylic door prevent from injuries. The punch and dye tools are designed to cut the material like scissors (starting to go through the material from the edges to the middle). That allowes highly precise cutting.


Test Description

The sample to be tested is placed between the security protection and the stainless steel guide. By pushing the foot pedal the sample is cut and falls into the sample collecting tray. A security cover protects the user. If this acrylic cover is opened, a security switch stops the machine and lifts the cutting tool immediately.



The machine is designed to cut paper-similar material (e.g. pulp sheets, cardboard, plastic- or aluminium-foil, etc.)

  • Heavy floor standing pneumatic punch
  • Maximum sample thickness: 7 mm
  • Highest quality of manufacturing
  • Sturdy steel Frame for perfect cutting behavior
  • Foot switch for ease of opration
  • Protection guide and sample tray door with security swith protects against injuries


Measurements & Weight
Width570 mm
Depth 730 mm
Height 1550 mm
Weight250 kg




51.101.100297 x 210 mm (Din A4)
51.101.200250 x 200 mm
51.101.xxxother sizes, smaller than 300 x 200 mm are available on request


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For the preparation of A4 (210 x 297 mm) or other big dimension samples.

Product code:
Electricity: not needed
Air: 8mm tube, 800 kPa



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